Sept 15th 2017: Funding Transport Investment

Transport Knowledge Hub Events
Published on: 15th September 2017

The Transport Knowledge Hub hosted its first national seminar this Autumn, Funding Transport Investment. The event was chaired by Professor Tony Travers and speakers included KPMG’s Lewis Atter, TfL’s Julian Ware and Savills’ Rory Brooke. The event brought together LEP leaders, government officials and industry leaders to discuss funding for transport investment. The event was the first of our national roundtables, aimed at driving discussion and debate around effective transport investment.

Blog: Radical steps needed in transport funding

David Fowler wrote a round-up of the event for our blog, entitled ‘Radical steps needed in transport funding‘. Our first national seminar focused particularly on the question of land value capture. Transport projects routinely increase the value of property and developments nearby: how can this be quantified, and can transport projects tap into it as a source of funding for the project itself or to plough back into future programmes?

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