Pathways to Net Zero – Hasta La Vista, Carbon!

This paper sets out a detailed account of the Pathways to Net ZeroHasta La Vista, Carbon! roundtable discussion that was held on 10th October 2022. 

Building on the first Pathways to Net Zero Series in March 2022, Pathways to Net Zero Series 2 in October 2022 sought to identify solutions to deliver emissions reductions at the scale and pace needed.

Hasta La Vista, Carbon! chaired by Stephen Glaister CBE, Emeritus Professor of Transport and Infrastructure at Imperial College London and Associate of the London School of Economics, focused on how we can develop solutions to the cost of living crisis that will accelerate the transition to net zero and enhance our energy security. Participants were invited to consider:

  • How do we ensure that growth doesn’t come at the expense of tackling climate change? What will the government’s new priority mean for the levelling up agenda?
  • How can we use pricing and the wider system of taxation, incentives and fiscal measures to accelerate the transition to net zero?
  • How can we move away from short-term thinking and take a systemic long-term approach to tackling climate change?
  • How can we ensure that net zero is at the heart of policy making?
  • How can we maximize the role of energy demand reduction to tackle the climate, cost of living and energy security crises?

Comments by participants are grouped under three main themes:

  1. Evolving policy context and implications for net zero agenda
  2. The vital role of business and the need for consistency of policy
  3. Challenges and opportunities for engaging with the public