DfT Transport Business Case Guidance

The Department for Transport’s Business Case guidance sets out how write a full business case for a transport investment.

This includes:

  • Guidance on the HMT Green Book 5-case approach applied to transport schemes.
  • An Early Assessment and Sifting Tool for short-listing options at an early stage of the project or programme development.
  • Guidance on Value for money assessments.
  • Guidance on enabling behaviour change.

In additions to these guidance documents, DfT provides additional resources to estimate the impacts of transport investments, such as:

  • WebTAG – the guidance for appraising economic, social and environmental impacts of transport investments (relevant for the Economic Case).
  • A carbon tool for local authorities to estimate environmental impacts of transport investments.
  • A behavioural insights toolkit.
  • Transport impact evaluation guidance.

More resources are available on the DfT website here.