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Transport Knowledge Hub

The Transport Knowledge Hub uniquely brings together local and central Government,  Sub-National Transport Bodies, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and the wider transport community to encourage investments that will facilitate inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The Transport Knowledge Hub is a free online resource aimed at providing local decision makers with tools and information to make transport investments.  It offers guidance relating to the selection, development and delivery of transport investments and best practice case studies.  It is also a forum for networking and knowledge sharing through workshops and events.

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What is it?

The Guidance Tool is an online resource that aims to give local decision-makers the information and tool they need to make transport investments that will drive local economic growth and jobs, as well as social and environment benefits.

The Guidance Tool covers all stages of the infrastructure delivery cycle, from planning and development through to delivery and ex-post evaluation, and include guidance, evidence and case studies.

The Process

Part 1 describes the relationship between transport and the economy to help build a narrative to support investment.

Part 2 highlights the need to define clear objectives for the programme of investment.

Part 3 describes the benefits of building a strong business case to support transport investments.

Part 4 shows how programme and project delivery can be dramatically improved using robust assurance and approvals processes.

Part 5 describes the importance of monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects as they are developed and delivered.

How it works

Struggling to find the latest, accurate information on transport investment?

Use the Guidance Tool
A step-by-step guide to the transport investment process, with latest guidance.

Stay informed
Find out how other authorities delivered projects and what worked well for them.
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For local decision makers
The Guidance is aimed at local decision makers with an interest in transport investments, such as LEPs and Local Authorities.

From the experts
The Guidance Tool has been developed by transport experts in collaboration with our key partners.

Act local, think national
The Guidance focuses on local public transport providing best practice advice and evidence from all over the country.

The latest advice
The Tool and Hub are regularly updated to comply with the latest guidance and cover the updates in transport.

How to use it

The Guidance Tool is structured around the infrastructure delivery stages. To use the Guidance, follow the structure at the top of the page to go to the relevant section.

The Tool contains a summary of key guidance and best practice, case studies and links to the main online external resources that provide key information on that stage of the infrastructure delivery schemes. This includes government guidance, relevant reports and evidence.

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Insight & Events

The Transport Knowledge is not just an online resource, but also a platform to interact with a growing community of local transport practitioners.

Join our LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter or attend our events to be part of the Hub community and keep updated with the latest news.

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