Greener Vision assembles thought leadership and insight on how to tackle the climate crisis.  We regularly post news and blogs and we run national workshops and regional events to encourage best practice.  Our current focus is the Pathways to Net Zero thought leadership programme aimed at developing a credible and deliverable framework for achieving net zero.

Greener Transport Council

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 25th March 2024 by Greg Marsden.

The Greener Transport Council has written to MPs today in advance of the Parliamentary debate on the National Networks National Policy Statement on 26th March. In our assessment, the NNNPS as written, waters down the treatment of the carbon impacts of national road and rail programmes. We pose three key questions to answer. Whether an…

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The Politics of Net Zero

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 19th October 2023 by Claire Haigh.

2023 is likely to be the world’s hottest year on record[i]. Record breaking heatwaves hit much of continental Europe, resulting in lethal flash floods and wildfires.  There have been deadly and devastating floods in Libya, fires in Hawaii and typhoons in China.  Pope Francis warns that the world may be “nearing breaking point”. The forthcoming…

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Net zero policy hits a new low

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 4th July 2023 by Claire Haigh.

Net zero policy in the UK has hit a new low. Before the cries of indignation – yes, it is true that the UK once had a record to be proud of. We were the first advanced economy to commit to net zero by 2050, our economy has grown by 65% whilst emissions reduced by…

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Greener Vision: A Consultation

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 2nd July 2023 by Claire Haigh.

2022 was our hottest year on record, with an unprecedented number of heat-related deaths, wildfires and infrastructure disruptions.  2023 looks set to be still worse.  But our response is not yet requisite to the scale of the challenge.  Climate change is an existential threat which we have become strangely accustomed to living with. Transport is…

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A Vision for Change

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 6th June 2023 by Greg Marsden.

The recent publication of my analysis of the downgrading of transport decarbonisation ambition as set out in the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan (Reverse Gear) is a pretty depressing read. 72% of the ambition for change set out in 2021 seemingly set aside. The analysis shows that, even with the ZEV Mandate emissions from vehicles will…

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The fight of our lives

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 12th December 2022 by Claire Haigh.

The past eight years have been the hottest in recorded history.  Despite achieving an historic breakthrough on a new “loss and damage” fund, COP27 failed to move the dial on reducing emissions. We are nowhere near the scale of change needed.  As the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres put it: “We are in the fight…

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What is to be done?

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 15th June 2022 by Claire Haigh.

We must start by facing the truth. Government policy will not deliver net zero.  Nor will everything in our current arsenal of policies and measures. Achieving net zero carbon is a major national and global challenge, and one that cannot be met by any sector acting alone.  Global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by…

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If not now, then when?

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 20th April 2022 by Claire Haigh.

The IPCC have warned that it’s “now or never” if world is to stave off climate disaster.  We already look set to overshoot the 1.5C target. In carefully calibrated messaging, the IPCC’s latest report highlights the enormous scale of the challenge but that we have the tools and the knowhow required.  Lifestyle changes offer significant…

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We must make the case for a better life

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 11th March 2022 by Claire Haigh.

The latest IPCC report has been described as ‘an atlas of human suffering’. Climate impacts are worse than predicted.  Extreme weather events are accelerating. No region is safe. Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a livable future. The report’s publication last week would have…

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A cleaner, fairer, safer future

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 10th March 2022 by Claire Haigh.

Climate change is no longer a distant threat.  As we experience extreme weather events of increasing ferocity and frequency, we can hear its impacts knocking ever more loudly and insistently on our door. Have we heard the wake-up call?  COP26 was a partial success in that it kept the goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius alive. …

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A Manifesto for Decarbonising Transport

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 30th September 2021 by Claire Haigh.

We are a group of leading professionals in the transport and planning sectors who together support the UK Government’s commitment to decarbonising our economy while sharing a deep concern that much greater urgency and action is needed to address the challenge society faces. Our focus is upon what we believe the Government must do if…

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