Local Transport Plans Guidance for England and Wales

This document sets out Government guidance on how to produce a local transport plan (LTP) in England and Wales. It includes:

§  A review of recent legislation such as the Local Transport Act (2008).

§  The Strategic Policy Framework for LTPs.

§  Key steps in developing and delivery High quality LTPs.

The guidance recommends that authorities consider at an early stage how best to structure the plan to include both strategy and delivery. Implementation plans developed as part of the LTP do not necessarily need to cover the same time period as the strategy.

In order to develop an effective strategy and decide priorities for implementation, authorities are advised to follow the process recommended by Eddington:

  • Clarify goals.
  • Specify the problems or challenges the authority wants to solve.
  • Generate options to resolve these challenges.
  • Appraise the options and predict their effects.
  • Select preferred options and decide priorities.
  • Deliver the agreed strategy.

In selecting measures and packages of measures to include in their Plan, authorities should consider not only the results of options appraisal, but an assessment of affordability, deliverability and risk.

It is also worth noting that there are a number of Plans and duties that need to be reflected in Local Transport Plans. Some of these are statutory requirements and others recommended in guidance.

LTPs are live documents and should be updated regularly.