Department for Transport, WebTAG

WebTAG contains the Department for Transport’s guidance on the conduct of transport studies. The guidance includes or provides links to advice on how to:

  • Set objectives and identify problems.
  • Develop potential solutions.
  • Create a transport model for the appraisal of the alternative solutions.
  • How to conduct an appraisal which meets the department’s requirements.

Projects or studies that require government approval are expected to make use of this guidance in a manner appropriate for that project or study. For projects or studies that do not require government approval, TAG should serve as a best practice guide.

The department endeavours to keep the guidance up-to-date in light of new evidence and developments in best practice modelling and appraisal methodologies.

This overview provides general introductory information on the role of transport modelling and appraisal, and how the transport appraisal process supports the development of investment decisions to support a business case.