Pathways to Net Zero – Roundtable Discussions

Transport Knowledge Hub logo Published on: 25th October 2022 by Claire Haigh.

Building on the success of the Pathways to Net Zero roundtable series in March 2022, Trueform kindly sponsored two further roundtable discussions in October 2022.  These events took the discussion to the next stage and sought to identify solutions to deliver emissions reductions at the scale and pace needed.

Hasta La Vista, Carbon! chaired by Stephen Glaister CBE, Emeritus Professor of Transport and Infrastructure at Imperial College London and Associate of the London School of Economics, focused on how we can develop solutions to the cost of living crisis that will accelerate the transition to net zero and enhance our energy security.  Participants:

  • Professor Stephen Glaister CBE, Imperial College London & London School of Economics (Chair)
  • Claire Haigh, Greener Vision
  • Steve Gooding, Director, RAC Foundation
  • Paul Campion, TRL
  • Philip Sellwood CBE Chair, Zemo Partnership
  • Professor Greg Marsden, University of Leeds ITS
  • Lauren Pamma, Green Finance Institute
  • Tony Duckenfield, Beyond Logic Consulting
  • Andrea Lee, Client Earth
  • Andy Eastlake, Zemo Partnership
  • Professor Phil Goodwin, Foundation of Integrated Transport
  • Chris Todd, Transport Action Network
  • Ian Wainwright, Future City Logistics
  • Julian Ware, Transport for London
  • Michael Solomon Williams, Campaign for Better Transport
  • Hilary Chipping, Semlep
  • Stephen Joseph, University of Hertfordshire Smart Mobility Research Unit and Foundation of Integrated Transport
  • Leon Daniels, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport & UITP

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Hasta La Vista, Carbon! – FULL WRITE UP

Hasta La Vista Carbon 10th October 2022 – Chat

The Future We Want chaired by Professor Jillian Anable, Chair in Transport and Energy, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, focused on how we can create an inspiring greener vision for the future, which will help build the mandate for change and tough decisions for the long term. Participants:

  • Professor Jillian Anable, Chair in Transport and Energy, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • Claire Haigh, Greener Vision
  • Professor Peter Jones, UCL
  • Cllr Bridget Smith, South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Kamal Panchal, Local Government Association
  • Anthony Smith, Transport Focus
  • Anna Rothnie, Greener Transport Council
  • Yumann Siddiq, EV Policy Lead, Energy UK and Young Energy Professionals Forum
  • Dave Milner, Create Streets
  • Professor Laurie Pickup, International Director, Vectos
  • Richard Blyth, RTPI
  • Dr Ashok Sinha, London Cycling Campaign
  • Xavier Brice, Sustrans
  • Jools Townsend, Community Rail Network
  • Ali Clabburn, LiftShare
  • Stephen Frost, Co-Head of Participative Research and Principal Research Fellow, IPPR
  • Jacob Ainscough, Environmental Governance and Ecological Economist

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The Future We Want – FULL WRITE UP

The Future We Want 14th October 2022 – Chat


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This post was written by Claire Haigh. Founder & CEO of Greener Vision & Executive Director of the Transport Knowledge Hub. Claire was previously CEO of Greener Transport Solutions (2021-2022) and CEO of Greener Journeys (2009-2020).