A green recovery must have public transport at its heart

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 17th June 2020 by Claire Haigh.

We have had a glimpse of a world with clean air, but it is fading fast. The lockdown emptied the roads, cleared the skies and precipitated a 60% drop in nitrogen dioxide levels. However, as economies restart, global emissions have already bounced back to just 5% below pre-pandemic daily levels. And now as Government urges…

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Begin with the end in mind

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 20th January 2020 by Claire Haigh.

There is a lot riding on COP26. The last decade was the hottest on record. Global greenhouse gas emissions need to fall by 7.6% every year to 2030, but there is no sign even of emissions peaking in the next few years. As host nation UK is under heightened pressure to demonstrate credible and consistent…

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Decarbonising Transport

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 8th November 2019 by Claire Haigh.

Pressure to deliver a credible plan for net zero will weigh heavily on whoever is in Number 10 on the 13th December. Heightened levels of public concern about climate change will be in even sharper focus next year when the UK hosts COP26. Let’s start by acknowledging the scale of the challenge. If we are…

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Delivering Growth

Buses – now here’s the good news

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 2nd November 2018 by Stephen Joseph.

To the extent that there is any media coverage of buses, it tends to be bad news. The stories are about cuts in services leaving people isolated, declining use and fares increases. I’ve helped contribute to this over time – when at the Campaign for Better Transport I helped set up a “Save our Buses”…

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Why Government must honour its pledge to increase fuel duty in line with inflation

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 1st June 2018 by Claire Haigh Professor David Beg.

Increasing costs for road users is politically difficult.  This is one of the reasons why we have had seven years and eight consecutive budgets where fuel duty has been frozen at a time of historically low oil prices and austerity. The result of seven years of fuel duty freezes is that the price of fuel…

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A sustainable model for road use

A sustainable model for road use

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 14th July 2017 by Claire Haigh.

Why should roads be free to use at the point of use? We don’t expect to use airports or railways without paying for them, but when we’re on the roads we forget the cost of building and maintaining them – until we hit a pothole and wonder why the council hasn’t done anything to fix…

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Transport Knowledge Hub Home Page

Launch of the Transport Knowledge Hub

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 27th March 2017 by Claire Haigh.

Greener Journeys is pleased to be a sponsor of the Transport Knowledge Hub, which launches today at the LEP Annual Conference at the QEII in Westminster. Transport is central to unlocking growth, which is why transport infrastructure investment accounts for such a significant proportion of allocated Local Growth Fund. The key question is what is…

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LEPs hold the keys to growth

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 29th April 2016 by Claire Haigh.

Centralisation has for too long been choking off growth. There is a clear consensus across the political spectrum that power and decision making needs to be devolved, and that local people are best placed to drive local economic growth. Whilst there is broad agreement on the overall direction of travel, what is not yet clear…

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