Flooding after storm Dennis

What future do we want?

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 21st February 2020 by Claire Haigh.

We were told decades ago to expect this. Ciara, and in quick succession Dennis, have wreaked havoc and devastation to thousands of homes and livelihoods. Tragically the death toll from these extreme weather events continues to rise, and we are warned it’s not over yet. Storm Ellen is on the way. A changing climate is…

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Decarbonising Transport

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 8th November 2019 by Claire Haigh.

Pressure to deliver a credible plan for net zero will weigh heavily on whoever is in Number 10 on the 13th December. Heightened levels of public concern about climate change will be in even sharper focus next year when the UK hosts COP26. Let’s start by acknowledging the scale of the challenge. If we are…

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Reduce car use to meet emissions challenge

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 19th July 2016 by Claire Haigh.

The recent progress report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) makes for interesting reading. The good news is that that greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by an average of 4.5% in the past three years and are now 38% below 1990 levels. However, the less encouraging news is that this reduction in emissions has…

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Air quality has shot up the agenda

To tackle poor air quality, we need to talk about modal shift

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 2nd February 2016 by Claire Haigh.

Air quality has shot up the agenda. It is estimated that poor air quality may cause 29,000 early deaths a year, and transport has been identified as a major contributor. Government is rightly focused on the issue, as recent announcements on the Clean Air Zones and Clean Bus Technology Fund demonstrate. But why has there…

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