Claire Haigh’s Monthly Column 2021

Claire Haigh, Founder & CEO of Greener Transport Solutions, writes a monthly column for Passenger Transport magazine.

You can read in this report 2021 issues, including:

30th September 2021: How can transport achieve net zero? Today Greener Transport Solutions publishes a new report which calls for national plan to deliver real and rapid behaviour change

23rd July 2021: A welcome step, but we need much more. In perpetuating the myth that we can continue our existing lifestyles unchanged, the government is storing up problems.

25th June 2021: Climate change is a personal challenge. It is not enough to berate the government for lack of progress on the decarbonisation of transport. We all have a part to play.

28th May 2021: Devolution is vital to achieving net zero. A radical rewiring of the role of the state is needed to level up the country and deliver net zero, but will Number 10 support it?

30th April 2021: It’s time to talk about road pricing. From 2030 fuel duty and VED should be replaced by a road user charge based on distance and time which will apply to all vehicles

2nd April 2021: Transport requires radical new thinking. The easy gains have been made. For transport to play its role in achieving net zero, we need a plan that delivers profound changes

5TH March 2021: Have we heard the Covid wake-up call? Our attention is focused on the pandemic, but the actions we take now will shape our response to the biggest threat we face.