The Tabula Project: Towards an Evolution of Thought

The overall objective of The Tabula Project is to provide a new perspective on the mind so we might improve how we think and evolve as a society.  The paintings depict states of consciousness and thought, and the development of the project is informed by extensive research across a range of disciplines.  How we think is inextricably linked to our sense of identity, which is a product of our history, our individual and collective experience.

In this report Claire Haigh outlines a summary of the main findings of research.  The material is grouped into three main sections:

Examining how we think – outlines some of the assumptions governing our thinking and how we perceive ourselves in relation to others.

The need for change – highlights the fact that our understanding of ourselves is deeply problematic and we need to embrace a more holistic perspective where the individual and the social cannot be separated.

Towards an evolution – points to the steps we need to take to begin to evolve our thinking and make better decisions grounded in our fundamental interdependence with each other and with the biosphere.