5.1 Evaluating the investment:

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There is a growing interest in the importance of towns and cities to our economic and social welfare, in what makes them successful and how we can shape their development. Transport networks are a particularly important part of this agenda. The ease at which we can get around influences where we live and work, where we are educated, how easily we can attend to our healthcare needs, as well as the leisure and retail activities that we participate in.

In this part of the Guidance Tool we describe the importance of monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects as they are developed and delivered so that we can learn from experience and help realise the expected benefits from investment.

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Key takeaways

Monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects is central to maximising the success of policies, developing future policies that are effective and applying lessons learnt from previous schemes.

Monitoring and evaluation increases transparency and trust in decision-making processes by demonstrating whether or not value for money has been delivered.

The DfT’s Local Area Majors guidance provides an appropriate framework for undertaking scheme evaluation for individual local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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5.2 Monitoring and evaluation